A few words about me as a teacher..

I have discovered my natural talent for teaching and working with children early in my career and since then I became passionate about developing and exploring different teaching techniques and approaches to music and it's difficulties. I have been a private cello and piano teacher in the past few years and I taught a varied group of students from complete beginners to advanced children and adults. In 2015  I have started to work as a teacher at A to G Music School in Sutton, London. All of my students are passing annual exams such as ABRSM and TCM with high overall marks and most importantly the exams are seen as enjoyable part of the development rather the extra stressful situation.

My main specialisation as an instrumental teacher is applying the findings of academic research in different areas of cognitive and personal development to real life instrumental lessons. Every lesson is specially tailord for every individual, incorporating their prefered learning style, general character and future ambition. In the past few years I have also become very active in the area of positive psychology (resilience, growth mindset, positive problem solving) and application of it to general music lessons. 

I believe that a teacher should firstly be a role-model, someone who is willing to teach and learn at the same time and be always prepared to listen and observe. All instrumental and music lessons should be a pleasant and inspirational experience which will motivate students to work hard, exploit their potential and achieve their goals while enjoying the process. 

Here are some thoughts from the previous or existing students,

'I very much appreciate Barbara's teaching style, which is encouraging and enthusiastic. She fosters both rigour and enjoyment in the music, and has catered well to my level of playing and to my musical interests...'

Student Jane

'I have always found Barbara reliable, adaptable and conscientious and a great teacher to both of my children who had very different needs with regards to their tuition...In addition, I have little musical background and found Barbara extremely helpful in showing me how to encourage and help my sons with their practice.'

Alison, Mum

`I think it is brilliant how she manages to explain everything with real life examples and I have noticed that my son is using the learning techniques from his piano lesson for his school work.`

Niamph, Mum

`My daughter loves her piano lessons with Barbara and I am very happy that even though she is only 8 Barbara is encouraging my daughter`s independance when it comes to practice and taking responsibility for her work. Overall progress have been great and I am glad that even exams are approached in calm and encouraging manner.`

Daniel, Dad

`I would describe myself as a late blossomer while I have started playing the cello at the age of 56. But luckily Barbara has been a great teacher and mentor who always finds a kind word of encouragment. I also believe that her extensive knowledge about the instrument and the technical aspect of playing enabled me a faster improvement. `

Student Isabel






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